After diving into a series of throwing classes as a hobby in May of 2013, I decided pursue a career in ceramics. My early focus was wheel thrown functionware with designs revolving around ergonomics. I soon found myself at a road block with my creativity as the limitations of your everyday tableware did not allow much room for creative exploration as I aimed to make sales. Thus, I decided that I needed to head back to school to develop my skills as well as my designs. I joined Sheridan College's craft and design program in 2019 and have since built a portfolio of work that I've loved more than ever. While the work is still very much in progress, I believe I am finally going in the right direction and can build a career out of what I've fallen in love with in 2013.

Artist Statement

Two of my favourite sources of inspirations are food and nature. Many chefs in the world are pushing the boundaries of food in extraordinary ways in order to explore their creativity. Watching these chefs made me realize that there is a whole other world of food where the vessels used is no longer constricted by the forms of conventional dinnerware.

I intend to change the way people view what “conventional” dinnerware should be by creating wares that are functional, yet completely different from what we traditionally see on a dining table. We all eat with our eyes first and being able to present your food in a more interesting way could completely change the experience of a meal.